Can automated reports for investors and day to day decision making help founders?

We see there are a few problems being raised by entrepreneurs and investors alike.

  • I lose time figuring out what reports I need for fundraising money
  • I lose more time looking for data for my reports, than understanding that data 
  • I lose more time creating reports instead of analysing it and taking decisions
  • I managed to setup all my reports but cannot get any insights from them
  • I see my data, but cannot understand how I benchmark it with the market

Is it a problem? If the following resonates with you we appreciate your time spend offering your insights.

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Do these make sense to solve?

Data driven investor decks

Automate work for investment pitch decks. High level automated and real-time business reports embedded inside the deck and always up to date. 

Smart data rooms for founders & investors

Data room reports updated real-time. Customized access levels for internal teams, and investors.

Management meeting reports

Customized business report that show insights, merging all data from product to operations. Market benchmarks integrated in reporting.

Keep team & investors synced

real-time dashboards shared based on role with all your stakeholders. Enables a data driven culture.

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